What Is Freeze Dried Dog Food?

Freeze dried food are no more limited to the use of humans only but are also trending for the dogs and other pets too. Many of us sometime think it’s a modern technology however it has been in practice from centuries. If you scroll back the pages of history you will find out more about storing food crops using similar ancient methods which are later transformed into modern ones with latest technologies. There are many examples like freeze dried instant coffee and food materials during world war-2.

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How is it done?

Just like its name food item is dried in a frozen state by removing all the moisture from it. Food item is frozen to freeze all the water and moisture in it then using vacuum chamber sublimation is done by turning moisture into gas. That is how all the moisture is removed from the food without even disturbing the nutritional value of food and basic structure of the food. Where the frozen raw dog food has around 75 percent moisture in it, freeze dried dog food delivery is less than 20 %.

When a food item is freeze dried there is no nutritional loss and after packaging is done, it can be stored for years. Micro organisms need moisture to grow and, in this process, as I mentioned all the moisture is removed already so there is no chance of worrying about its shelf-life. However, there is air dried food also available in the market which are different from this and you should not get confused with that.

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